Pastor’s Message: September 17, 2021

Dear Parish Family,

Take a look at our new beautiful doors inside the church
New Glass door symbol
The middle of the symbol are the initials A M R connected to each other. It came from the Latin words AVE MARIA REGINA or “Hail Mary our Queen”.
Above the initials is a crown symbolizing Mary as our queen. It is also reflecting the 5th Glorious mystery of the rosary. In addition, the initials are inside a circle with little rays and surrounded with 12 stars. This is from the Book of Revelation where is says, “A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars…” (12:1)
The doors will help keep in the heating and air conditioning.

God Bless,
Fr. Cyrus

Pastor’s Message: September 10, 2021

Dear Parish Family,

Anniversary Prayer for 9/11

Twenty years ago on the morning of September 11 2001, 2,976 people from 93 nations lost their lives.
This Saturday we pause to remember that moment of horror and pray for those left scarred by those terrible events.

Holy God, Creator of all people and all nations,
It is with sorrow and apprehension we remember the tragic events that occurred on this day.
We remember all those who died In the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon, and on United Airlines Flight 93 In Pennsylvania.
We entrust them to Your loving care. Console their families, friends, and all who mourn their loss

We pray for those who courageously responded to provide aid and comfort to the afflicted. May their painful memories of that day be healed.

Lord send your Spirit into the hearts of all people that the world might know true and everlasting peace. Amen.

God Bless,
Fr. Cyrus

Pastor’s Message: September 3, 2021

Dear Parish Family,
“And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.” John 18:1
At this time of so much turmoil, tragedy and natural disasters in our world, please join me in praying for the members of our military, U.S. service personnel and civilians who lost their lives or were injured in the explosion in Afghanistan, for the safety of those who still remain there and for peace..
For the people of Haiti in these difficult times, especially for those impacted by the recent earthquake for those who have died; comfort their families and loved ones
For those as they mourn the loss of family and friends, those who lost all that they have in hurricane Ida, the volunteers who are helping the people who were affected and those who are struggling to find where to go next or what to do next.
God Bless,
Fr. Cyrus

Pastor’s Message: August 27, 2021

Dear Parish Family,
Altar Server Training
It is a great honor and privilege to serve at the Altar of our Lord and therefore your participation as an Altar Server is special.
When you serve the priests and deacons, you serve the people of God, and above all, you serve Christ. As an Altar Server, you are involved in the holiest and most sacred event in our tradition of Catholic worship.
Training Sessions for all 4th – 12th graders who are interested in serving our Parish community as Altar Servers will be held at the Church during the month of October.
One-hour classes will begin Thursday, October 7th and ending Thursday, October 28th, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Looking forward to seeing you on the 7th. We are truly grateful for your dedication to serving the Parish.
To ensure everyone’s safety we ask that you kindly wear your facial masks during the training sessions.
Please contact Juany Fumai Altar Server Coordinator at
God Bless,
Fr. Cyrus

Pastor’s Message: August 13, 2021

Dear Parish Family,
Last Sunday we celebrated our parish feast day. We began at 5PM with a beautiful liturgy which I was honored to celebrate. Our choir led by our music minister Frank Matto, gave glorious praise to our Lord and Blessed Mother.
After Mass our parishioners and guests enjoyed a delicious BBQ prepared for us by JR’s deli of Westport,
Thank you to Michelle Hankey and Nancy Curcio who planned the event and to all those who helped set up and clean up.
God blessed us with the most perfect summer evening and a good time was had by everyone who attended.
“In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let not her name depart from your lips, never suffer it to leave your heart. And that you may obtain the assistance of her prayer, neglect not to walk in her footsteps. With her for guide, you shall never go astray; while invoking her, you shall never lose heart; so long as she is in your mind, you are safe from deception; while she holds your hand, you cannot fall; under her protection you have nothing to fear; if she walks before you, you shall not grow weary; if she shows you favor, you shall reach the goal.” St. Bernard of Clairvaux
God Bless,
Fr. Cyrus