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2022/23 Information

Dear Families,

Guided by the Holy Spirit,  Assumption is committed to serving others by providing opportunities for learning and growing in the Catholic faith. We believe that education in the faith begins in the home and we recognize that parents and guardians are the most important witnesses of  their children! Through our Faith Formation program, our dedicated catechists seek to work alongside families in bringing the light of Christ to every child in our parish community and pray that the spiritual life of our Assumption Catholic faith community grow even stronger.

Our goal is to provide a  faith formation program that consists of sacramental, scriptural catechesis, and service that offer the opportunity for children to open themselves to a deeper understanding of God’s presence in their lives.

Our program is open to the children of our parish. We offer age-appropriate faith formation to help enrich the spiritual lives of the children. We also aim support their parents, who are their children’s primary witnesses, who  work at home in developing a love of Christ and His Church in their family.

Our formation program consists of Grades 1- 8. Our October through May program offers.  Sunday Confirmation prep. session for grades 7th (year 1) and Confirmation in year 2, 8th grade .  We also offer Sundays for grades 1 through 6, and Tuesday, for grades 2 through- 6. ​Our formation is continuous and build one year upon the next.

New students must submit a baptismal certificate at the time of registration. Sacramental preparation: Grade 1 is required for Grade 2 in which the children are prepared for First Reconciliation and Eucharist. Grade 7 and Grade 8 is Confirmation preparation. Students enrolled in a Catholic school must attend the immediate preparation for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation here at Assumption Church.


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2022 2023 SUNDAY CALENDAR grade 1 to 6

2022 2023 SUNDAY CALENDAR grade 7 

2022 2023 TUESDAY CALENDAR Grade 2-6

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