Pastor’s Message: April 9, 2023

Dear Parish Family,

Our long Lenten wait is over! Easter has come again! We raise our voices in singing, Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Happy Easter!

What a joy it is to gather together this Easter as the family of God in celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

This weekend we begin the 50 days of the Easter Season. The Gospel tells us about the disciples’ discovery of the empty tomb. They did not yet understand that Jesus had risen from the dead. We are invited to reflect upon a most amazing gift of faith in Jesus and his Resurrection.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone as we celebrate the beautiful gift of life that God has blessed each of us with.  It is important to gather as a faith community to remember and celebrate what God has done for us

May the blessings and joy of the Easter Season fill your hearts and homes with peace, and love.

Fr. Cyrus, Pastor

Pastor’s Message: March 31, 2023

Dear Parish Family,

This weekend we will celebrate Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. We begin the greatest week of the liturgical year, HOLY WEEK. In this week, we recall the chief Mysteries of our Faith and we reflect on the words and works of the Lord in his last days on earth.

The Lenten season of sacrifice and self-denial is about to come to an end, but this coming week is extremely important for all of us. As we enter Holy Week the greatest focus of the week is the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events that led up to it.

I would like to extend a warm invitation to you to join us for the many services we are offering for Holy week and Easter Sunday

Please check our Holy Week Schedule and note the Mass times for Easter Sunday.

God Bless you as we journey into Holy Week.

Fr. Cyrus, Pastor


Pastor’s Message: March 26, 2023

Dear Parish Family,

Today is the 5th and final Sunday of Lent. Next Sunday we begin the Season of Holy Week.

The readings for Fifth Sunday of Lent are about how God can take us from death to new life. Through the raising of Lazarus from the dead, Jesus demonstrates His power over death and foreshadows his own resurrection.

We hear this story of death, but Jesus came to give life, but most especially life eternal. He came to bring joy and happiness, but that which lasts forever, not just for a moment. This Gospel tells us this here in Lent to help us come to live life to the full.

John tells us that Jesus wept. Jesus wept and still weeps not just for Lazarus but also today for the death of faith, and the death of God in many hearts, homes, families and nations. He still weeps for the death of so many people due to hunger, poverty, treatable diseases and neglect by their government and society, of human suffering and the pain that comes with loss.

What we should bring with as we enter Holy Week is to love God, to be one with Him, and to be one with His world. Jesus asks us today to seek his help and that of the community around us to help loosen the chains that bind us up and come out of the tombs of our own creation. He does not want any one of us to be lost to Him through death.

Next weekend we will celebrate Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. Blessed palms will be distributed.

God Bless you as we continue our journey to Easter.

Fr. Cyrus, Pastor

Pastor’s Message: March 19, 2023

Dear Parish Family,

Today in the Gospel we here the story of the man born blind, a man born in darkness which stands for all humanity, but he is made new by the saving power of Christ. It is the story of a man who will come into the healing light of Jesus, the light of the world.

Our Lenten journey of faith is a journey of insights into who Jesus is. Jesus heals us spiritually. He does it frequently by his words in scripture. We need to allow that healing. We can be blind to the poverty, injustice, and pain of others. We need to ask Jesus to remove our blindness.

“The miracle of the healing of the blind man is a sign that Christ wants not only to give us sight, but also to open our interior vision, so that our Faith may become ever deeper and we may recognize Him as our only Savior. He illuminates all that is dark in life and leads men and women to live as “children of the light” (Pope Benedict XVI Lenten message-2011).

Lent is a good time to renew our vision and look to Jesus who came so that we can be forgiven for our blindness, and for the times when Jesus has come to us through his word and we have been too blind to see him, and too deaf to hear him calling us to action.

God Bless you as we journey through this Lenten Season,
Fr. Cyrus, Pastor

Pastor’s Message: March 12 2023

Dear Parish Family,

In the Gospel from John this weekend Jesus used water as an example to the Samaritan woman to show her how important it was to have Jesus in her life. Without Jesus, our souls are dead. He is the living water that makes our souls well and strong, just like physical water makes our bodies well and strong. Jesus not only satisfies our physical needs, but our spiritual needs: whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst.

Jesus breaks down the boundaries of religious and cultural prejudices. We are called to do the same so we can accept and learn from others who are different from us. Jesus cares for the outcasts of society and didn’t care about how the Jews of the time saw the Samaritan woman. We are called to spread the Gospel to our neighbors openly even those whom society sees as the lowest and unworthy.

We are called upon during this season of Lent, to rediscover who Jesus is to each of us, and like the Samaritan woman, to become transformed and with eagerness to tell everyone the Good News.

God Bless you as we journey through this Lenten Season,

Fr. Cyrus, Pastor