Pastor’s Message: February 2, 2024

Dear Parishioners,

This weekend we hear in the Gospel of Mark that Jesus cures Simon’s mother-in-law and many others who were brought to him. This powerful display of healing reminds us of the love and compassion that Jesus has for all of us.

We encourage you to come and reflect on this message with us during our Sunday Mass. Let us gather together to praise and thank the Lord for his endless mercy and grace.

“Even in the face of death, faith can make possible what is humanly impossible. But faith in what? In the love of God. This is the real answer which radically defeats Evil. Just as Jesus confronted the Evil One with the power of the love that came to him from the Father, so we too can confront and live through the trial of illness, keeping our heart immersed in God’s love.”—Pope Benedict XVI

God Bless,
Pray for Peace
Fr. Cyrus