Pastor’s Message: July 23, 2023

Dear Parish Family,

This weekend we hear three more parables.

We hear of God’s abounding kindness and never-ending patience that none of us deserves but which we receive anyway.

God has creating us and gave us a free will. God hopes in us and believes that the fruit we can bear is worth all that can go wrong.

This is where God’s mercy comes in. God knows our hearts. God knows why we do what we do, and God is still prepared to offer us the utmost generosity in judgment. God is full of mercy, kindness and forgiveness. He sees us as human beings not fully good or fully evil.

We are the ones who accept His love and try our best to be faithful to Him. We all will coexist until the final judgment, as the weeds among the wheat.

We need to cultivate an attitude of trust and patience in God’s work, knowing that even the smallest efforts can yield remarkable results. Through our words, and actions, we can spread the “yeast” of love, hope, and faith to others.

Peace be with you!

God Bless,
Fr. Cyrus