Pastor’s Message: July 15, 2022

Dear Parish Family,
Our Lord makes it very clear that we must not only hear His words but also listen to them with the intention of making them profitable to ourselves. To profit from the word of God, we must let ourselves be moved by it in the depths of our heart. It is by listening to God’s word with the heart that we receive good inspirations. The heart comes alive and ever gains new strength and vigor.
However, it is difficult to listen to the Word of God with our hearts when our hearts are filled with anxiety. God is full of care for His creatures, but with peace and tranquility. Yet, our care tends to be anxious. Birds stay caught in nets because they flutter wildly. So it is when we desire to escape an anxiety. Resolve to do nothing that your desire insists on until your mind has regained peace.
(Adapted from L. Fiorelli, ed. Sermons of St. Francis de Sales)
Jesus invites everyone to his table for forgiveness and renewal, especially those who are far from him or have forgotten his love,
His hope for us is that we would do the same for others.
I would like to thank you to everyone who helped us reach and go over our goal for the Annual Bishop’s Appeal
We raised $146,875 from 227 donors bringing the parish to 100.39% of its $146,300 goal.
God Bless,
Fr. Cyrus