Pastor’s Message: March 11, 2022

Dear Parish Family,

This Sunday’s Gospel is the Transfiguration. This is a story of change, in which we see Jesus as a Divine Person, the Son of God. We can make positive changes that draw us toward God at any time of year; however, the Scriptures we read during Lent especially encourage us.

The Transfiguration gives us a vision of Christian living. It gives us a notion of ourselves transformed by the power of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection.

We need to remember what our Heavenly Father said to Peter up on the mountain of transfiguration when he was confused. He said to Peter, “This is my Son whom I have chosen, Listen to Him!”

It is most important that we listen to Jesus. God the Father was saying that Peter needed to slow down and listen to Jesus. I think that is also good advice for us today. We can listen to Jesus by reading about the life of Jesus in the bible. We can read what he said and taught and we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand too.

God Bless you as we journey through this Lenten Season,
Fr. Cyrus