Pastor’s Message: March 19, 2023

Dear Parish Family,

Today in the Gospel we here the story of the man born blind, a man born in darkness which stands for all humanity, but he is made new by the saving power of Christ. It is the story of a man who will come into the healing light of Jesus, the light of the world.

Our Lenten journey of faith is a journey of insights into who Jesus is. Jesus heals us spiritually. He does it frequently by his words in scripture. We need to allow that healing. We can be blind to the poverty, injustice, and pain of others. We need to ask Jesus to remove our blindness.

“The miracle of the healing of the blind man is a sign that Christ wants not only to give us sight, but also to open our interior vision, so that our Faith may become ever deeper and we may recognize Him as our only Savior. He illuminates all that is dark in life and leads men and women to live as “children of the light” (Pope Benedict XVI Lenten message-2011).

Lent is a good time to renew our vision and look to Jesus who came so that we can be forgiven for our blindness, and for the times when Jesus has come to us through his word and we have been too blind to see him, and too deaf to hear him calling us to action.

God Bless you as we journey through this Lenten Season,
Fr. Cyrus, Pastor