Pastor’s Message: March 12 2023

Dear Parish Family,

In the Gospel from John this weekend Jesus used water as an example to the Samaritan woman to show her how important it was to have Jesus in her life. Without Jesus, our souls are dead. He is the living water that makes our souls well and strong, just like physical water makes our bodies well and strong. Jesus not only satisfies our physical needs, but our spiritual needs: whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst.

Jesus breaks down the boundaries of religious and cultural prejudices. We are called to do the same so we can accept and learn from others who are different from us. Jesus cares for the outcasts of society and didn’t care about how the Jews of the time saw the Samaritan woman. We are called to spread the Gospel to our neighbors openly even those whom society sees as the lowest and unworthy.

We are called upon during this season of Lent, to rediscover who Jesus is to each of us, and like the Samaritan woman, to become transformed and with eagerness to tell everyone the Good News.

God Bless you as we journey through this Lenten Season,

Fr. Cyrus, Pastor