Father Cyrus – Lourdes

Check on Father Cyrus as he ends his last day in Lourdes:

DAY 1:

Arrived in Lourdes late in the afternoon. Check into the hotel and went to the Hospitalite office to find our work sites.


Fr. Bill Platt, the pastor of St. Catherine and St Agnes Church in Greenwich and me checking in.












DAY 2:

Working this morning at the bath. A little dark and cold but a welcome temperature after the heat wave last week. I am putting all the parishioners of the Church of the Assumption in my prayers during my work inside the bath.


Praying the rosary on top of the basilica. Praying for the parishioners of the Church of the Assumption.


DAY 3:

Woke up early for service at the train station helping Italians from Naples to load their train to go home. An Italian friend took these pictures while we are waiting for our bus.












Putting in the petitions that the parishioners wrote.












This is the spring inside the Grotte
























Lighting candles for the parishioners of the Church of the Assumption and for my family and friends.













DAY 4:

Had a little time to meditate across the river before I report to the bath.












Evening meditation with the group and watching the story of Lourdes. Oops Fr. Platt was taking some zzzzz during the movie.











DAY 5:

Caught in the act. Shopping for some lavender soaps.











This evening got assigned for crowns control for the evening rosary procession.











DAY 6:
Very busy at the sanctuary. We woke up at 5 am to go to Accuiel Marie Saint-Frai- one of the hospitals near the sanctuary. We cleaned floors, windows and toilets, a very humbling experience. Even though we are tired, we still managed to smile and laugh. The fraternity is wonderful. A friend took a picture of the bell tower of the parish church in the center of the city and the river.



Day 7:

Last day of work. I was assigned to the bath. Here are some pictures of my Italian and Spanish buddies.


Day 8 – Last Day!
Getting ready to come back home. Went to the Grotte for Stations of the Cross in the morning. In the afternoon we saw a new play titled “Bernadette de Lourdes”. There was a surprise guest in the audience…Johnny Depp.


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