CoA RE – CP – letter requesting confirmation




These are guidelines to help you write a meaningful letter


  1. All letters should be typed on plain white paper. Please double space between paragraphs.
  2. Include the date on which the letter was written at the top
  3. Begin with the greeting “Dear Father Cyrus:”
  4. In the first sentence request to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Do not begin with:
    1. My name is … I go to Assumption Religious Ed. (Father will know this by looking at your letter;
    2. “I want to be a member of the church” (You already are! By your Baptism)
    3. “I want to make my Confirmation” Make is the wrong verb; instead use “request to receive the sacrament of Confirmation” or “I wish to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church.”
  5. In the first paragraph state the reason why you want to be confirmed (other than a desire to be married in the Catholic Church).
    1. Appropriate answers would be: to receive and be strengthened by the gifts of the Holy Spirit … or to be a stronger witness of Christ to the world, or the graces I receive will help me to face the challenges ahead. Do not use the term “to be an adult in the Catholic Church.”
  6. In the middle paragraph, answer two of the following questions: (write 5 or so sentences for each).
    1. How would you describe the gift of reverence and awe (also known as wonder and awe, or fear of the Lord) to someone who is not Christian and not familiar with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?
    2. How do you think receiving the gift of wisdom is going to help you with the choices you will make in the future? Give at least one example of a choice you will have to make in high school and how the Holy Spirit’s gift will assist you. (Think of the challenges you will face each day in school, in sports and social settings … not necessarily choosing a college).
    3. What does Confirmation require you to do and to be after you receive the sacrament?
    4. Think back to our Confirmation retreat. Colleen stated, “Your faith is all that really matters.” How do you plan to live your faith and carry out the mission of Jesus after you receive the sacrament?
  7. Finally, in 3 or 4 sentences:
    1. What impact did the service portion of the Confirmation program have on you?
  8. Close the letter by closing “Respectfully yours, or Sincerely yours,” typing your full name and signing your name above that.
  9. Check your grammar and spelling. Don’t rely on the computer.


Thank you for taking the time to think and pray about your letter! I know Father Cyrus reads every letter and is looking forward to reading yours!




RE – CP – letter or interview requesting confirmation

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